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Gotika vs Elga. Domination Match

(1280x720; Mp4; 658 Mb; 17.27 min.)

      Elga again summoned Gotika to fight. And it was her mistake! Enraged Gotika splashed out all her fury on her! She applied against Elga Head&bodyscissors; Bodyslams; Camel Clutch; Back Breaker; Spear; Axe Handle; SleeperHold; DVD; Matchbook Pin; Grapevine Pin; LotusLock; Splash; Leg Drop; Arrow; LegHook Pin; Boston Crab; Octopus; PowerBomb; Piledrivers and many other holds, practically rolling out the Elga in the ring!

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DevilGirl vs Candy Pro-Wresling Match. Revenge

(1280x720; Mp4; 651 Mb; 17.25 min)

      Not long ago, these two girls converged on the ring in a very interesting and dramatic match. Then the DevilGirl defeated her rival by locking her in the Octopus. But Candy harbored resentment and hatched plans for revenge. And now this hour has come. They are back in the ring. And they do not stint on holds. Kiks,Headscissors; Knee Panches; BodySlam; Punching; BostonCrab; Figure 4 leglock; Clothesline; CrossBody; FaceBuster; DropKick; Knee to the Belly; Matchbook Pin; DVD; Octopus; Atomic Drop; Japan Twist; Devilish Fetters; PowerSlam; PowetBomb and other. But can Candy avenge the DevilGirl for the past?

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Anarchy vs Lilu Pro-Wrestling Strangle KnockOut Match

(1280x720; Mp4; 838 Mb; 22.23 min)

      Not quite an ordinary match by the rules of "3 out of 5 falls." To win, the girl must strangle her rival, knocking her out to 10 counts. Strangle can only feet. Strangle hands can only be torn off the opponent from the ring. Anarchy (dressed as a white schoolgirl) and Lilu (dressed as a black schoolgirl) volunteered to participate in this match. This is not their first fight, but it did not become less interesting. On the contrary. A lot of postures and movements in which the girls will be in the fight, will please the audience of this fight.

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