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Viper vs Sesil Pro-Wresling Match (RM078)

(1280x720; Mp4; 517 Mb; 14.02 min)

     Sesil does not appear often in the ring and this time her rival was Viper. The girls are strong physically and who came out victorious had to show greater technique and durability. Having that out of the chest we can finally appreciate the many holds and moves used in here: Hair Mare; Sleeper; BodySlams; Choking; Leg Stepover Hold; Knee Panches; Punching; Single Leg Boston; Arrow; Standing on the Hair; Splash; Leghook Pin; Piledrivers: Face Buster; Jackknife Pin; Clothesline; Torture Rack; Over the Knee Backbreaker; British Legspread; Cradle; Alacran; Backbridge Pin; Tarantula Rope Backbreaker and many other... But who could better take advantage of their arsenal and win? you'll find out by watching this fight.

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