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DevilGirl vs Candy. Pro-Wrestling Match (RM088)

(1280x720; Mp4; 858 Mb; 23.01 min.)

    We have a special choking match this evening! Whoever chokes her opponent with her foot at least 4 times wins the match. DevilGirl and Candy agreed to these rules and what come after is a fierce battle of the meanest. beautiful and sexy girls delivering painful holds until one girls has no air left in her lungs. knees and hands, locking each other in Figure 4 Headlock; BodyScissors; Headscissors, using Suplexes; Elbow Drop; BodySlam; Clothesline; Leg Drops; Blows to the stomach; Low Blows and other lethal holds just to make the other run out of oxygen!.

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