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DevilGirl vs Candy. Pro-Wrestling Re-Match (RM091)

(1280x720; Mp4; 748 Mb; 20 min.)

      Candy said that in the last match (DevilGirl vs Candy. Pro-Wrestling Match (RM088)) the DevilGirl defeated her dishonestly. And she is ready to take revenge, and also to humiliate her rival. And here they are again in the ring. This time the match according to the rules "3 out of 5 falls". As in the last match, the girls need to try to strangle their opponent, by knockout her up to 10 counts. In this battle there was a lot of striking their legs, knees and hands; Figure 4 Headlock; Headscissors. Also BodySlam; Clothesline; Blows to the stomach and other holds. Can Candy fulfill his revenge plans, you can find out by watching this video.

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