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Gotika & Anarchy vs Anasthesia. Pro-Wrestling Domination Match (RM093)

(1280x720; Mp4; 1.19 Gb; 32.29 min.)

      Anasthesia warmed up in the ring and was going to make a few selfies. Suddenly, Gotika and Anarchy sneaked behind the clueless Anastasia without leaving her enough time to fight back. Two big girls humiliate and mock the little one working over the poor bodyТs victim using various holds (Spear; Clotheslines; Suplex; Camel Cluth&Boston Crab; Piledriver etc.), head&body scissors, painful, suffocating, punches elbows, knees and feet. They threw her around the ring and put her in humiliating positions. In the beginning Gotika was crueler, but gradually Anarchy revealed her dark side culminating in an embarrassing photo session with the defeated Anasthesia.

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