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Viper vs Anasthesia pro-wrestling match
(Deers vs Elfs. Holiday's war) (RM070)

(1280x720; Mp4; 723 Mb; 19.19 min)

    Old dispute elves with reindeers made a step forward in determining who's the best holly jolly man's helper. The two Santa's helper during the Christmas holidays won't bake cookies and jellies this year so don't be fooled by the joyful spirit in the air!
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Anarchy vs Candy pro-wrestling match (RM069)

(1280x720; Mp4; 491 Mb; 13.09 min)

    Inexperienced Candy wrestle in the ring with more experienced Anarchy. Candy begins with a sonorous slap in the face of Anarchy. She will also be able to strike with Low Blow; Chops; Kiks, Headscissors. But the experience takes up. And Anarchy destroys Candy with numerous German Suplex; Fisherman's Suplex; Sidewalk Slam, Cradle as well as Bodyslam; Bearhug; Backbridge Pin; Tree of Woe; Cobra Clutch; Piledriver... And many other moves.
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DevilGirl vs Lilu pro-MMAstyle-wrestling match (RM068)

(1280x720; Mp4; 512 Mb; 13.45 min)

    Not the usual fight for Rumblematreshka. DevilGirl and Lilu met in a Pro wrestling ring to battle in MMA stule. The objective is crystal clear - knock out the opponent to 10 counts. There will be a lot of punches fists, elbows, knees and feet. And also painful and suffocating holds, Head&bodyscissors, Bodyslam, Armbarlock, Monkeyflip and... blood*.
(*All blood in this video is a fake)
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Gotika vs Elga pro-wrestling match (RM067)

(1280x720; Mp4; 437 Mb; 11.44 min)

     Debutant Elga stepped into the ring, where Gotika was waiting for her. A bold step for a beginner! But a bold Elga was not afraid. she even tried to hit some strikes But Gotika effortlessly turned the ring into a torture chamber for a beginner. LegDrop; Body Slams, Bronco Buster; Head&Body Scissors; Back Breaker; Piledriver; Package Piledriver - this is just an appetizer the main course is yet to come...
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Anarchy vs Natali pro-wrestling match (RM066)

(1280x720; Mp4; 493 Mb; 13.13 min)

    Natali has recently returned to the ring and was called to fight Anarchy. Anarchy hoped for a quick and easy punishment of the arrogant girl. She used Bodyslam; SideWalk Slams; Drop Toehold; Tree of Woe; Backbracker and many other. But Natali proved to be tougher than she looked And fought back delivering Dropkick; Camel Clutch; Headscissors; Hurricanrana; Suplex; Figure 4 headlock; Piledriver; Tombstone and other holds. The outcome is uncertain...
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Gotika vs Viper pro-wrestling match (RM065)

(1280x720; Mp4; 573 Mb; 15.19 min;)

     Brunette vs blonde! Superheroine against Superheroine! Gotika (Spiderwoman) and Viper (Wonderwoman) came together in an uncompromising battle in the ring. Spider flaunted her Arsenal of moves: ClotherLine; LowBlow; ElbowDrop; Spear; Bronco Buster; Headscissors; Axe Handle; Octopus; Piledrivers and other. Wonderwoman hits its rival with the help of ElbowDrop; Snap Mare; Spear; Sleeper; Farmer's Roll; Headscissors; Chokeslam; Keister Bounce and other holds. From great powers come great wrestling matches!
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DevilGirl vs Dallas pro-wrestling match (RM064)

(mp4, 1280x720, 17:14 min, 644 Mb)

    DevilGirl and Dallas changed their wrestling outfit to the more erotic costumes. But their opposition did not become softer. On the contrary, their hatred for each other has only grown. In a 2 out of 3 falls match they do not hold back, nor for a sec. Dallas attacked her rival by a Test of Strength; ElbowDrop; Closeine; PowerSlam; Spear; Matchbook Pin, Farmer's Roll; Powerbomb; Tombstone; Piledriver and other. And DevilGirl counterattacked with no less devastating Bodyslam; Suplex; Tree of Woe; LegDrop; LowBlow; Pedigree and other holds. The young-old confrontation between the blonde and brunette will only end with a victory for one of them.
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DevilGirl vs Candy pro-wrestling match (RM063)

(mp4, 1280x720, 19:01 min, 711 Mb)

    DevilGirl (red one piece, barefoot) and Candy (blue one piece, barefoot) again square off in the ring. Candy wants to prove, that she's no longer a rookie and she will be able to defeat DevilGirl. The match had a few LowBlow, Side Walk Slams, Body Slams, Face Buster, Kiks, Head&Bodyscissors, strangulation on the ropes, fighting outside the ring, many submission and other holds.
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Tera vs Viper pro-wrestling match (RM062)

(mp4, 1280x720, 17:13 min, 642 Mb)

    Viper has become more aggressive and viciously attacks other Matreshkas. This time she has set her sight on Tera, so they go for a 2 out of 3 falls match: BearHug; Camel Clutch; Monkey Flip; Stretch Muffler; HeadScissors; Kicks; Sleeper; BostonCrab; BodySlam; Hiptoz and many other- Tera on her side gave what she had to repel all viper' fury with. LowBlow; Face Buster; SideWalkSlam; Jericho Bulldog; Kicks; Hurricanrana and many other she tried to tame the beast.
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Gotika vs Dallas pro-wrestling match (HairPulling) (RM061)

(mp4, 1280x720, 16:26 min, 616 Mb)

    Dallas wished to fight Gotika and maybe take revenge for defeat in the last match. But a boasting Gotika shows again her dominant side and attacked the clueless Dallas. Gotika took the opportunity to compare her dark flowing hair with Dallas short blond hair. By comparing we mean showing who's hair is more beautiful! Gotika combined hair pulling with various wrestling holds and moves (BostonCrab, CamelClutch, Arrow, Scissors), PowerSlam, BodySlam, Atomic Drop, PowerBomb, Piledriver and Tombstone or simply dragged Dallas around the ring by the hair.
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Natali+Sesil vs Anarchy+DevilGirl tag-team pro-wrestling match (RM060)

(mp4, 1280x720, 17:58 min, 676 Mb)

    Natali and Sesil fought side by side in a special force called "The Sailor Moon". But whether the "lunar prism" can give them such force to repel the evil force is up to debate - Two mischievous girls in black try to defeat the two good-doers. It is the first Tag-team match in history of Rumble Matreshka and you will see many double holds (Double Suplex, Bodyslam, Stretching etc.), interventions, dirty moves and unexpected turns of plot.
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DevilGirl vs Lilu (Cowgirls) Female Pro-Wrestling Match (RM035)

(1280x720; Mp4; 830 Mb; 20.39 min.)

    DevilGirl versus Lilu. These longtime rivals agreed on an unconventional strangling match. Rules are simple: knock the opponent by strangling with the feet till she's out for the 10 count. the girls were dressed in short denim shorts and blouses, in a cowboy style. Both girls used Many Punches elbows, knees and feet strikes; BodySlam; BodyScissors; Headscissors; Airplane Spin; Ceiling hold; Spear; Elbow Drop; Samoa Drop; Low Blows; Figure 4 Headlock; Piledriver and other holds. Squeezing, choking and various blows will leave you out of breath.
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Gotika vs Lilu pro-wrestling match (09.14)

(mp4, 720x400, 22.07 min, 556 Mb)

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Anarchy&Tera vs Gotika. 2 vs 1. Handicap Female Pro-Wrestling Match (RM030)

(1280x720; Mp4; 537 Mb; 14.20 min.)

    Another video discovery from the archives of Russian Woman Wrestling. Anarchy and Tera united against the conceited Gotika. Gotika risked challenging them both at once. And when they stepped onto the ring, Gotika at first controlled the fight, but then the combined efforts of Tera and Anarchy turned the tables. They indulge Gotika in committing more and more mistakes and they destroyed her with double holds, including Double Suplex; Camel Cluth&Boston Crab; Double Piledriver and other... will the powerful Gotika be able to resist the combine attack of this new duet? Find it out!
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