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DevilGirl vs Viper. Pro-Wrestling Fight (RM095)

(1280x720; Mp4; 679 Mb; 18.49 min.)

    DevilGirl and Viper both bikini-clad engage in this tough battle they work respectively on the pelvic area using: Atomic Drop; Low Blow; Crotch Stomp; Groin Buster; Crotch Attack. Despite the focus on specific moves the girls also use BearHug; DropKick; LegHook Pin; Clotheslines; Boston Crab; ArmbarLock; BodyScissors; Piledriver; Viper Splash; Leg Drop; Suplex; CrossBody; BodySlam; Hurricanrana; Punches elbows, knees and feetand many other... it's a joy for your eyes.
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Lilu vs Sesil. Female Pro-Wrestling Fight (RM094)

(1280x720; Mp4; 742 Mb; 20.34 min.)

    In this battle met Lilu (in pink and black) and Sesil (in black). The match was held according to the traditional rules for Rumble Matreshka - "2 out of 3 falls". Sesil looks more powerful than her rival, but Lilu has more experience. The match was dramatic, it had many unexpected reversals and interesting techniques. Among other things, the girls used Clothesline; DDT; Suplexes; Arrow; SleeperHold; Splash; Single Leg Boston; Punches elbows, knees and feets; LegHook Pin; HeadLock; Elbow Drop; Legspread; Face Buster; Alacran; PulpHandleSlam; Overhead Double Toed Leglock Bow and Arrow; Figure 4 LegLock and many other... And who was the winner, you can find out by watching this video.
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Gotika & Anarchy vs Anasthesia. Pro-Wrestling Domination Match (RM093)

(1280x720; Mp4; 1.19 Gb; 32.29 min.)

    Anasthesia warmed up in the ring and was going to make a few selfies. Suddenly, Gotika and Anarchy sneaked behind the clueless Anastasia without leaving her enough time to fight back. Two big girls humiliate and mock the little one working over the poor body's victim using various holds (Spear; Clotheslines; Suplex; Camel Cluth&Boston Crab; Piledriver etc.), head&body scissors, painful, suffocating, punches elbows, knees and feet. They threw her around the ring and put her in humiliating positions. In the beginning Gotika was crueler, but gradually Anarchy revealed her dark side culminating in an embarrassing photo session with the defeated Anasthesia.
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Viper vs Princess MarshMallow. Female Pro-Wrestling Match (RM092)

(1280x720; Mp4; 614 Mb; 17.02 min.)

    Ladies and gents please welcome our new rookie Princess Marshmallow! In her first time in the ring she has to face nothing less than Viper, who certainly does not go easy on her. she dominates throughout the match making the rookie resistance futile. In this battle there were BodySlam; Suplex; Monkey Flip; HeadScissors; Kicks; Sleepers; Axe Handles; Leg Drops; Lotus Locks; Pulp Handle Slams; FaceBusters; Viper Splash; Stunnesr; Backbridge Pins; Spears and more and more suffering for poor Marshmallow.
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DevilGirl vs Candy. Pro-Wrestling Re-Match (RM091)

(1280x720; Mp4; 748 Mb; 20 min.)

    Candy said that in the last match (DevilGirl vs Candy. Pro-Wrestling Match (RM088) DevilGirl defeated her dishonestly, and now she is ready to take her revenge brutalizing her opponent. In this 3 out of 5 falls match, the girls must choke their opponent and leaving them laid out on the ring grasping for air for 10 second count. Several choking and strangling techniques were used in this match; Figure 4 Headlock; Headscissors ,BodySlam ,Clothesline and Blows to the stomach. Can Candy fulfill his revenge plans? you can find out by watching this video.
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Nikita vs Lilu. Female Foxy Boxing Match (RM090)

(1280x720; Mp4; 624 Mb; 15.33 min.)

    The first boxing match in our show. Novice Nikita vs experienced wrestler Lilu. Will Lilu wrestling experience be of some help or will youthfulness and agility get hold of wrestling mastery? The girl who manages to score 2 koes and leaving her opponent out for the 10 count wins and can celebrate her victory.
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Viper vs Lilu Female Pro-Wrestling Fight (RM089)

(1280x720; Mp4; 753 Mb; 20.52 min.)

    Lilu and Viper rarely had a bout in a wrestling ring in the past but today. They square off in the ring in a best out 2 of 3 falls match. Both girl are skilled and equal and no one could get the upper hand during the match. Power Slam; Rock Bottom; Pretzel; Mexican Ceiling - and many other moves were used, showing how cruel a girl be when trying to win. Who will win?
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DevilGirl vs Candy. Pro-Wrestling Match (RM088)

(1280x720; Mp4; 858 Mb; 23.01 min.)

    We have a special choking match this evening! Whoever chokes her opponent with her foot at least 4 times wins the match. DevilGirl and Candy agreed to these rules and what come after is a fierce battle of the meanest. beautiful and sexy girls delivering painful holds until one girls has no air left in her lungs. knees and hands, locking each other in Figure 4 Headlock; BodyScissors; Headscissors, using Suplexes; Elbow Drop; BodySlam; Clothesline; Leg Drops; Blows to the stomach; Low Blows and other lethal holds just to make the other run out of oxygen!.
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Gotika vs Viper Female Pro-Wrestling Match (RM087)

(1280x720; Mp4; 1010 Mb; 26 min.)

    Gotika and Viper's friendship went unrequited after the last match, in which together destroyed Anarchy. As a matter of fact, it was just a Machiavelli alliance against the poor victim. But we know there's only one who can reign and in this best out 2 of 3 falls match you'll find out who is. Although Gotika is far more experienced than Viper she went through very hard time trying to subdue her opponent. In this battle were used: Power Bomb; Figure 4 leglock; Choking; BodySlam; BodyScissors; Headscissors; Ceiling hold; Spear; Elbow Drop; Camel Clutch; Sleeper; SchoolgirlPin; Low Blow; Figure 4 Headlock; Punches elbows, knees and feet; Leg Drop; Legspread; Kneespread; British Legspread and other holds. Two titans, one big match.
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Gotika & Viper vs Anarchy (2 vs 1) Female Pro-Wrestling Match (RM086)

(1280x720; Mp4; 1.42 Gb; 36.16 min.)

    Anarchy was to battle with Gotika, but she did not expect an attack by Viper. Gotika and Viper together attacked Anarchy and the battle turned into a carnage. Two ladies in black beat and mocked Anarchy, together and in turn using various holds. BodySlams; BodyScissors; Headscissors; BostonCrab; Many Hairpulling, Slaping, Punches elbows, knees and feets; Choking; Sleeper; Over Knee BackBracker; BackBracker; Blows to the stomach; Camel Clutch; Elbow Drops; Power Slam; Piledrivers; Power Bomb; Bronco Buster; Figure 4 leglock; Figure 4 Headlock; Groin Buster; Using the Ropes; Crotch Stomp; bonding and strangulation; Double Underhook Sheerdrop Powerbomb and many other - all this fell upon unhappy Anarchy. And at the end, when she was exhausted she was given a final humiliation having the two titans taking pictures and posing over her. Anarchy can only dream of revenge!
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Gotika vs DevilGirl Domination Female Pro-Wrestling Match (RM085)

(1280x720; Mp4; 743 Mb; 18.29 min.)

    Another match in which Gotika dominates his rival. This time her victim is the DevilGirl. This is quite an old match; therefore, we see a still unexperienced Gotika learning the way of torture. Devilgirl gains sometimes momentum and counterattacks. In the end ArmBar Lock; Headscissors; Breast Smother; Punches elbows, knees and feet; Choked by a rope. But Gotika used such holds as BodySlam; BodyScissors; Headscissors; DVD; BostonCrab; Punches elbows, knees and feet; Choking; Sleeper; Over Knee BackBracker; Torture Rack; Over The Shoulder BackBracker; Airplane Spin; Camel Clutch; Surfboard; Lotus Lock; BearHug; Matchbook Pin; SchoolGirl Pin; Stretch Muffler. This and many more holds helps Gotika break the resistance of his rival. DevilGirl shows her tough side as she never did, but against Gotika the only possible outcome is being humiliated.
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Anarchy vs Candy Female Pro-Wrestling Match (RM084)

(1280x720; Mp4; 659 Mb;`16.24 min)

    Old fight, one of the first matches of Anarchy against Candy. Pro-wrestling 2 out of 3 falls match. Anarchy decided to imitate Gotika and almost the whole match dominated and humiliated the inexperienced Candy. Candy sometimes tried to attack, but she was not strong enough. But Anarchy destroyed her rival with the help of Arm Wringer; Sleeper; SideWalk Slam; Face on Rope Rake; Knee to the Belly; LegHook Pin; Slingshot;BodySlam; BodyScissors; BostonCrab; Punches elbows, knees and feet; Choking; Atomic Drop; Suplex; German Suplex; BackBracker; Power Slam; Power Bomb; Piledrivers and other holds. Of course, Candy was the Jobber, but she held a candle to her opponent.
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DevilGirl vs Viper Female Pro-Wrestling Match (RM083)

(1280x720; Mp4; 680 Mb; `18.19 min)

    The DevilGirl and Viper put on their sexy outfits and went out into the ring to find out which of them is more beautiful and dangerous. They went through a five-rounds match in which they used various holds: Bodyslam; Clothesline; SleeperHold; Splash; Punches elbows, knees and feet; LegHook Pin; HeadLock; Headscissors; Elbow Drop; DVD; Powerbomb; Dropkick; Octopus and other, as well as a lot of strangulation, strikes, kicks, and also many times they used ropes in various forms to crush her rival.
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Gotika vs Elga. Domination Match 2 (RM82)

(1280x720; Mp4; 1.19 Gb; 32.12 min)

    Elga just holds a grudge against Gotika, she desperately wants to have her for everything. She trained a this gave her confidence. She even made a boastful statement in the beginning. Her plans totally came undone when Gothika entered the battle! She threw Elga over the ring, smashed her head against the floor and corners, beaten her to a pulp and applied numerous painful holds enjoying the cries and sufferings of the victim. multiple Head&Bodyscissors, Boston Crabs, Headlocks, Chokings & Sleepers, Rocking Horse, Crotch Attacks, stretching and arching, humiliating poses - Gotika used everything to punish a boastful girl. And in the end - 2 Piledriver sent Elga to dreamland...
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Natali vs Sesil Female Pro-Wrestling Match (RM081)

( 1280x720; Mp4; 605 Mb; 16.21 min.)

    For a long time, Natali and Sesil stayed out of the ring but now they have a chance to confront each other. Natali went through more fights so is more experienced, but Sesil is not scared. She is eager to fight! Both girls have demonstrated an aggressive and dynamic attitude during the fight, using: Bodyslams; Clothesline; DDT; Back Breaker; Suplex; Arrow; SleeperHold; Bulldog; Splash; Monkey Flip; Single Leg Boston; Punches elbows, knees and feet; LegHook Pin; HeadLock; DVD; Headscissors; Bodyscissors; Axe Handle; Elbow Drop; Face Buster; Figure 4 Head Lock; Fermer's Roll; Lotus Lock; Piledrivers and many other holds.
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Anarchy vs DevilGirl Pro-Wrestling Strangle KnockOut Match (RM080)

(1280x720; Mp4; 684 Mb; 18.14 min)

    Choke my dear, slowly fade into unconsciousness while you exhale your last breath. Sounds mean? Well, this is what Devilgirl and Anarchy are up to. A Knockout match in which Only 20 counts will be considered a knockout. Technique and brutality are two fundamental components to seize victory.
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Anarchy vs Gotika vs Viper. Triple Threat Match (RM079)

(1280x720; Mp4; 940 Mb; 24.59 min)

    Anarchy, Gotika and Viper face off in a "Triple Threat Match". No way out, pin your opponent or force him to surrender in pain. In the match there were Bodyslams; Camel Clutch; Clothesline; DDT; Back Breaker; Double Underhook Sheerdrop Powerbomb; Punches elbows, knees and feets; PowerSlams; Splash; Leg Drops; Suplex; Double Suplex; Arrow; SleeperHold; DBulldog; Low Blow; Figure 4 leglock; Atomic Drop and and many Tombstones and Piledrivers.
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Viper vs Sesil Pro-Wresling Match (RM078)

(1280x720; Mp4; 517 Mb; 14.02 min)

     Sesil does not appear often in the ring and this time her rival was Viper. The girls are strong physically and who came out victorious had to show greater technique and durability. Having that out of the chest we can finally appreciate the many holds and moves used in here: Hair Mare; Sleeper; BodySlams; Choking; Leg Stepover Hold; Knee Panches; Punching; Single Leg Boston; Arrow; Standing on the Hair; Splash; Leghook Pin; Piledrivers: Face Buster; Jackknife Pin; Clothesline; Torture Rack; Over the Knee Backbreaker; British Legspread; Cradle; Alacran; Backbridge Pin; Tarantula Rope Backbreaker and many other... But who could better take advantage of their arsenal and win? you'll find out by watching this fight.
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Gotika vs Elga. Domination Match (RM077)

(1280x720; Mp4; 658 Mb; 17.27 min.)

    Elga again challenge Gotika to a fight. Nothing she could do worst! Enraged Gotika unleashed out all her fury on her! She applied so many brutal moves that Elga had to ask for mercy. Head&bodyscissors; Bodyslams; Camel Clutch; Back Breaker; Spear; Axe Handle; SleeperHold; DVD; Matchbook Pin; Grapevine Pin; LotusLock; Splash; Leg Drop; Arrow; LegHook Pin; Boston Crab; Octopus; PowerBomb; Piledrivers and many other holds, What was left of Elga out of this match... is just a memory
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DevilGirl vs Candy Pro-Wresling Match. Revenge (RM076)

(1280x720; Mp4; 651 Mb; 17.25 min)

    Not long ago, these two girls met on the ring in a very interesting and dramatic match. In the end DevilGirl defeated her rival by locking her in the Octopus. But Candy harbored resentment and hatched a dastardly plan to get revenge. She cries out for justice and here they are back in the ring. Kicks, Headscissors; Knee, Punches; BodySlam, BostonCrab; Figure 4 leglock; Clothesline; CrossBody; FaceBuster; DropKick; Knee to the Belly; Matchbook Pin, Octopus; Atomic Drop; Japan Twist; Devilish Fetters; PowerSlam; PowetBomb and other. Will devilgirl taste the sweet flavor of revenge?
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Anarchy vs Lilu Pro-Wrestling Strangle KnockOut Match (RM075)

(1280x720; Mp4; 838 Mb; 22.23 min)

    Tired of classic wrestling match? Why don't spice things a little up? Let's take Lilu and Anarchy and make them strangle each other till one is knocked for the 10 counts. Only feet are allowed as choking weapon inside the ring.. Anarchy (dressed as a white schoolgirl) and Lilu (dressed as a black schoolgirl) engaged in this breathtaking fight to the last breath. Oh by the way, did I mention how sexy and skilled these girls are?
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Tera vs Natali Pro-Wrestling Match (RM074)

(1280x720; Mp4; 624 Mb; 16.40 min)

    Natali fights Tera thinking that beating her opponent would be a piece of cake, but Tera proves to be a total worthy opponent and does not even flinch. In a 2 out of 3 falls , both girls used AxeHandle; ElbowDrop; Knee Panches; Bodyslam; Knee to the Belly; Low Blow; Kiks; Jericho Bulldjg; ArmWringer; ArmWringer; Hair Pulling; Matchbook Pin; DVD; BearHug; HeadLock; BackBreaker; Lotus Lock; Hiptoss; Tombstone; Piledrivers, proving the right to be in Rumblematreska roster.
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DevilGirl vs Lilu Bikini Pro-Wrestling match

(1280x720; Mp4; 986 Mb; 26.16 min)

    OOld video, which was shot back in 2014. Bikini-wrestling match between Lilu (Gold) and the DevilGirl (Red). Traditional match by rules "2 of 3 falls". One goal and one opportunity to claim victory. Both girls conjured up every possible trick to defeat her opponent, sometimes they do not hesitate to use "dirty tricks". Low Blows; Chops; Kicks,Headscissors; Camel Clutch; Suplex; ElbowDrop; Knee Panches; Bodyslam; Punching; BostonCrab; Arrow; Figure 4 leglock; Clothesline; LegDrop; FaceBuster; DropKick; ArmWringer; Splash; ArmbarLock; Slingshot; Groin Buster; Surfboard; Crippler Crossface; Cattle Mutilation; Knee to the Belly and other, trying to turn the tides to their favor.
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Anarchy vs Viper pro-wrestling match (Batgirl vs Supergirl. Down Of Feminism 2. Tombstone's Power) (RM072)

(128x720; Mp4; 774 Mb; 20.55 min)

    What happens when two superheroine fight for a battle of ehm... good? Anarchy in the role of Supergirl and Viper in the role Batgirl duel in the name of justice. German Suplex; Fisherman's Suplex; Sidewalk Slam, Camel Clutch; Suplex; ElbowDrop; Knee Panches; Bodyslam; Punching; Sidewalk Slam; Low Blow; Single BostonCrab; Arrow; Figure 4 leglock; Clothesline and devastating Tombstones and Piledrivers will determine who deserves the right to serve justice.
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DevilGirl vs Natali pro-wrestling match (RM071)

(1280x720; Mp4; 648 Mb; 17.22 min)

    Pro-wrestling match between the DevilGirl (Red swimsuit) and Natali (Blue swimsuit). In this battle, there were many interesting holds, reverses and positions, in particular: Monkey Flip; Head&Body Scissors; Camel Clutch; Suplex; Figure 4 headlock; ElbowDrop; Knee Panches; Matchbook Pin; ArmWringer; Splash; BodySlams; LegDrop; Single Boston Crab; Kiks; Pedigree and other... the odds are on ladies and gents.
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Anarchy vs Anasthesia MMA-style fight (12.16)

(1280x720; Mp4; 781 Mb; 20.52 min)

    Anarchy and Anasthesia both in lingerie duke it out in a MMA style match. seven rounds of three minutes each of pure competition will determine who has more stamina and strength. Victory will be proclaimed only through knockout or submission.
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