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Gotika vs Viper pro-wrestling match (RM065)

(1280x720; Mp4; 573 Mb; 15.19 min;)

     Brunette vs blonde! Superheroine against Superheroine! Gotika (Spiderwoman) and Viper (Wonderwoman) came together in an uncompromising battle in the ring. Spider flaunted her Arsenal of moves: ClotherLine; LowBlow; ElbowDrop; Spear; Bronco Buster; Headscissors; Axe Handle; Octopus; Piledrivers and other. Wonderwoman hits its rival with the help of ElbowDrop; Snap Mare; Spear; Sleeper; Farmer's Roll; Headscissors; Chokeslam; Keister Bounce and other holds. From great powers come great wrestling matches!

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