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Tera vs DevilGirl pro-wrestling match (09.15)

(mp4, 1280x720, 18:18 min, 685 Mb)

     Ladies and gents here's another squash match starring Devilgirl, in the role of the loser and the stronger Tera who turned the poor devilgirl into mincemeat by beating her in the corner, choking, delivering hard kicks, smashing her head on the ring apron, applying various painfuld holds and as cherry on top destroying her with a devastating piledriver making the victim spill out her blood* (*All blood in this video is fake)
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Dallas vs Lilu pro-wrestling match (TombStones) (04.15)

(mp4, 1280x720, 18.27 min, 697 Mb)

    Some time before Lilu and Dallas already met in a duel. Then a victory celebrated Lilu. Dallas burns with the desire to revenge it. And for the sake of revenge Dallas it is ready on all. It has applied: Knee Panches; LegDrops; Closelines; BodySlams; DVD; AlbowDrop; LowBlow; Camel Clutch; HeadScissors; Suplex; FourLegLocks and few Tombstones/Piledrivers. Lilu answered it: Closelines; BodySlams; DDT; BostonCrab; HeadScissors; Suplex; FourLegLocks and few Tombstones/Piledrivers. Whose desire to win will appear more strongly?
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Gotika&Lilu vs Anarchy - 2 vs 1 Handicap Pro-wrestling match (0615)

(mp4, 1280x720, 23.39 min, 893 Mb )

    In this match against Anarchy Gotika went together with Lilu.
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Dallas vs Tera pro-wrestling match (01.15)

(mp4, 1280x720, 40.10 min, 1,48 Gb)

    This fight begun as a usual match, turned in a nightmare for Tera.
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Anarchy vs Natali vs DevilGirl pro-wrestling match (03.16)

(mp4, 1280x720, 14.26 min, 538 Mb)

    This match - match "Triple Threat Match". Three girls: Anarchy (Batgirl), Natali (Wonderwoman) and DevilGirl (Spidergirl) start to fight on a ring at the same time by rules "Everyone for itself". For a victory the girl should force to surrender any of competitors... Who from superheroines will appear most super?:)
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Lilu vs Tera pro-wrestling match (08.15)

(mp4, 1280x720, 13.50 min, 516 Mb)

    Return of "sexy costumes girls" in the ring. The match is conducted according to the rules "2 out of 3 falls". Will Power Slam; Suplex; Farmer's Roll; Sidewalk Slam; Hurricanrana; Tombstone/Piledriver; Bearhug; Knee Panches; BodySlams; DVD. Who is stronger, Schoolgirl (Lilu) or Princess (Tera)?

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