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Sesil vs Viper. Female Pro-Wrestling Fight (RM099)

(1280x720; Mp4; 714 Mb; 19.45 min.)

      These girls already met in battle and here they are again in the ring in a 2 out of 3 falls match! They are both thirsty for blood and driven by desire to win a match. The reveal their devastating potential thanks to experience and strength gained in previous matches. Anything goes from fair play to cheating and so you can see how in this battle the girls sometimes play dirty with illegal moves. Low Blow, and Half-Mexican Ceiling; Tree of Woe; BearHug; Archer; Camel Clutch on the Ropes; Using the Ropes; Punches elbows, knees and feet; LegHook Pin; Elbow Drop; British Legspread; Face Buster; Alacran; PulpHandleSlam; Stanner; ArmWringer; Splash; Viper Splash; Piledriver; DDT; Revers Piledriver; Grapevine Pin; Overhead Double Toed Leglock Bow and Arrow; Slingshot and many other. Ladies and gents let the show begin!

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