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DevilGirl vs Lilu. Pro-Wrestling Fight (RM098)

(1280x720; Mp4; 0,97Gb; 27.44 min.)

      The rivalry between DevilGirl and Lilu goes on in a long 3 out of 5 Falls match. Youll totally bewildered by the girls flexibility whose bodies have to suffer under long and painful techniques. Kneespread, Leg Stepover Hold, Camel Clutch, Sharpshooter, Stretch Muffler, British Legspread, Rocking Horse, Headscissors, Crippler Crossface... And besides that, Snap Mare, Atomic Drop, Face Buster, Elbow Drops, Monkey Flip, Body Slams, Slingshot, ArmWringer and many other... the perfect set for body contorsionism.

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