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Anarchy vs Viper. Female Pro Wrestling Fight. RM141

(Mp4; 23.56 min.; 1280x720, 874 Mb; 1920x1080, 1,96 Gb;)

    For a long time did not meet on the ring Anarchy and Viper. And in the past, they repeatedly converged in fights, both face to face and in handicap matches. For example, when Viper and Gotika fought against Anarchy. But always their fights were always distinguished by their extreme intension and the use of many tricks and holds. This fight was no exception. Here is a partial list of holds: Atomic Drop, Armbar CrossLock, Viper Splash, Knee to the Belly, Boston Crab, Leg Drop, Matchbook Pin, Camel Clutch, HairPulling, DVD, Boot to the Neck, Punches and Kicks, Legspread, Mexican Ceiling, Stanner, Dragon Sleeper (Modified), Low Blow, Alacran (Modified), Fact Buster, Single Leg Boston, Chops, Clothesline, Fisherman's Suplex, Bulldog, Abdominal Stretch, Monkey Flip, Grapevine Pin, Knee Lever (Modified), Overhead Double Toed Leglock Bow and Arrow, Body Slam, Kneespread, Rocking Horse, British Legspread, Walls of Jericho, Elbow on Crotch, Baby Swing Bow and Arrow, Crippler Crossface, Archer. And this is far from all that the girls used to resolve an ancient dispute.
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Lilu vs Sesil. Female Pro Wrestling Fight. RM140

(Mp4; 29.13 min.; 1280x720, 1,04 Gb; 1920x1080, 2,39 Gb)

    Lilu and Sesil recently fought in our ring. And now the loser wanted revenge. The rules are the same: "3 out of 5 falls" and for win, girls must knock out their rival to 10 counts. At that only way to win - is to strangle opponent with leg in the corner of the ring. But now the girls are dressed in evening dresses and barefoot. HeadLock, Arm Wringer, Suplexes, HairPulling, Snap Mare, Punches and Kicks, Using the ropes, Boot to the Neck, Crossbody, Leg Stepover Hold, Splash, Bodyslam, Alacran, Hip Attack, Knee to the Belly, Tombstone/Piledriver, Bear Hug, Baby Swing Bow and Arrow, Figure 4 leglock and many different types of headscissors were used by girls to achieve victory in this crucial match for them.
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Anarchy vs Vallia. Female Pro Wrestling Fight. RM139

(Mp4; 25.00 min.; 1280x720, 912 Mb; 1920x1080, 2,02 Gb;)

    Vallia by weight and height has always been among the smallest fighters in our ring. But this never bothered her and she bravely went into battle with larger and stronger rivals. And now, going to the battle against Anarchy, she did not scare. The fight was according to the rules of "2 out of 3 falls", where to win the girls need to force her rival to surrender or pin up her until 10 counts. Despite the difference in weight and experience, the girls fought almost on equal terms, using HeadScissors, German Suplex, Knee to the Belly, Matchbook Pin, Camel Clutch, HairPulling, DVD, Roll Up, SideWalkSlam, Indian Deathlock, Boot to the Neck, Punches and Kicks, Jackknife Pin, Using the Ropes, Leghook Pin, Legspread, Octopus, Bearhug, Bomba, Mexican Ceiling, Paro Special, Alacran, Japanese Twist, Stretch Muffler, Tree of Woe, Overhead Double Toed Leglock Bow and Arrow, Dragon Sleeper, Low Blow and many other. Which of them was more fortunate - you can find out by watching this interesting match.

    P.S. Since this year, we decided to upload the video in the Full HD. So now you have the choice to download the video 1280x720 or 1920x1080.
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