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Asgerda vs Pantheya. Female Submission (Sambo) Pro Wrestling Fight. RM123

(1280x720; Mp4; 1.02 Gb; 29.09 min.)

    Brutal beauty Asgerda (in red) against eastern warrior Panteya (in blue). The fight by the rules close to Sambo wrestling, but with some modifications. After the first surrender, the losing girl takes off her jacket. After the second defeat - shoes. The third surrender is the final defeat in this match. The fight is full of holds from the Sambo wrestling arsenal, which the girls own perfectly. This and throws, and pinning maneuvers , and submission holds. The match is unusual for our ring, but that didn't make it any less interesting! And maybe you will love these girls as spectacular fighters.
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Lilu vs Viper. Female Pro Wrestling Bra & Panties Fight. RM122

(1280x720; Mp4; 921 Mb; 25.30 min.)

    In our ring, another match by the rules of "Bra & Panties". Now Viper fights against Lilu. To win, girls must remove their dress and stockings from their rival, as well as force the opponent to surrender or send her in knock out up to 10 counts. Girls without mercy attacked each other, applying: Hair Toss, SpinBuster, Slingshot, Snap Mare, Boston Crab on the ropes, Clothesline on the ropes, Choke on the ropes, Matchbook Submission, Mexican Ceiling, Tree of Woe, Punches elbows, knees and feets, Tarantula Rope Backbreaker, Reverse Indian Deathlock, Piledriver, Tombstone/Piledrivers, Reverse Tombstone, Bulldog, Caballete, Stomach's blows, Elbow on crotch, HairPulling, Leg Drop, HeadScissors, Using the Ropes, Bronco Buster, Baby Swing Bow and Arrow, Crippler Crossface and many other various holds. Bondage also attended! Beautiful girls, beautiful bodies, beautiful dresses, beautiful poses - for sure, this video will appeal to many viewers!
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Anasthesia vs Darina Dark. Female Pro Wrestling Fight. RM121

(1280x720; Mp4; 877 Mb; 23.50 min.)

    Another debutante in our ring - Darina Dark! Powerful and wayward girl, but careful. As a rival she chose little Anasthesia. She probably hoped for an easy victory in her first match. But Anasthesia only seems to be easy prey. She can easily punch any girl and the dimensions of her rival do not scare her! In this battle, which took place according to the rules of "2 of 3 falls", the girls used Head Lock, Hairpulling, Punches elbows, knees and feets, Leg Spread, HeadScissors, SideWalk Slam, DVD, Piledriver, Back Breacker, Choke, Kneespread, Bear Hug, Single Boston Crab, ArmBar Lock, Tombctone/Piledrivers, Axe Handle, Knee to the Belly, Body Slam and many other holds. Could or Anasthesia to resist the power and pressure of Darina Dark or the debut fight was successful for a beginner, you can find out by watching this video!
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Lilu & Viper vs Anasthesia & Candy. Female Tag Team Pro-Wrestling Fight. RM120

(1280x720; Mp4; 1.97 Gb; 55.59 min.)

    In our ring tag-team match. Lilu and Viper dressed in black catsuits to show that they are serious and dangerous. Their rivals, Anasthesia and Candy, have chosen for this fight a combination of erotic one-piece swimsuits and closed wrestling masks. According to the rules of this match, in order to win, it was necessary to force the rival's team to give up or knock out up to 10 counts. Although Lilu and Viper seemed stronger and more experienced, this fight did not become an easy walk for them. Both teams used many holds, including: Head Lock, Hairpulling, Punches elbows, knees and feets, Matchbook Pin, Double Matchbook Pin, HeadScissors, SideWalk Slam, DVD, Piledriver, Reverse Piledriver, Mexican Ceiling, Body Breacker, Baby Swing Bow and Arrow, Snap Mare, Boot to the Neck, Rowboat, Figure 4 leglock, Double Figure 4 leglock, SchoolGirl Pin, Choke, Spear, Splash, Kneespread, Low Blow, Hip Attack, Crotch Stomp, Knee to the Belly, Big Boot, Double Team Irish Whip, Legdrops, Suplex, Double Suplex, Camel Clutch, Elbow Drop, Double Elbow Drop, Using the Ropes, Stretch Muffler, Kinniku Buster and many other. It often happened that two girls attacked one. The initiative moved from one team to another. The mutual hatred was so high that after the match the winning team still about 10 minutes scoffed at the losers. And it also got on the video!
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Candy vs Valkyr (Amrita). Female Pro Wrestling Fight (RM119)

(1280x720; Mp4; 784 Mb; 21.42 min.)

    In this fight the girls need to force the rival to surrender or to pin up to 5 counts. And two Amazons are participating in the battle - Valkyr and Candy. Strength combat, without the slightest pity for the opponent. Bear Hug, Camel Clutch, Hairpulling, LegHook Pin, Punches elbows, knees and feets, Monkey Flip, Leg Spread, DVD, Matchbook Pin, Single Boston Crab, ArmBar Lock, Head Scissors, Choke, Piledrivers, Tombctone/Piledrivers- this is not a complete list of holds who used the girls, striving for victory over the enemy!
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Tera vs Anasthesia. Female Pro Wrestling Domination Fight (RM118)

(1280x720; Mp4; 1.12 Gb; 32.19 min.)

    Anasthesia gained experience and already participated in many fights. And now she challenged Tera. And that was her mistake, because the match turned into "beating up babies"! The task of the girls in this battle was either to keep the opponent on the shoulder blades up to 10 counts or to force them to surrender. But Anasthesia was only enough for rare attempts to counterattack, and mostly it broke out of the holds from Tera. And she was able to hold out for a long time, despite the fact that Tera crushed her by repeated Body Slam, Suplex, Choking, HairMare, Punches elbows, knees and feets, HairPulling, Single Boston Crab, Axe Handle, Boston Crab, Archer, Power Slam, LotusLock, SchoolGirl Pin, LegHook Pin, Matchbook Pin, Standing on the Hair, BodyScissors, SideWalkSlam, DVD, Piledrivers, Tombctone/Piledrivers and many other. It was an extremely unfortunate day for Anasthesia, on the other hand Tera was able to fully enjoy her cries and groans!
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Sesil vs Viper. Female Pro Wrestling Bra & Panties Fight. RM117

(1280x720; Mp4; 1.06 Gb; 30.44 min.)

    Sesil and Viper met in the ring to fight by the rules of "Bra & Panties". To win, girls must remove their dress and stockings from their rival, as well as force the opponent to surrender or send her in knock out. The girls immediately rushed into battle, clinging to each other's hair. Then followed: Suplex, FaceBuster, DDT, Snap Mare, Boston Crab on the rope, Standing on the Hair, Legspread, Grapevine Pin, Schoolgirl Pin, Spladle, Punches elbows, knees and feets, Low Blow, Stomach's blows, Elbow on crotch, Armbar, Leg Spread, Alacran, Kneespread, Slaps, Octopus, Keister Bounce, Camel Clutch with the stocking, HairPulling, Leg Drop, Viper Splash, HeadScissors and many other various actions, including bondage! The girls did not spare the forces, trying to destroy the rival. At whom it turned out it better you can find out by watching this video.
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Stasy vs Ray. Female Sword Fight (RM116)

(1280x720; Mp4; 526Mb; 14.36 min.)

    New and unusual match for us. For the first time, two magicians of the sword, Stasy and Ray, met in our ring. Both girls - the owner of various prestigious awards in this art. And they are set on an uncompromising battle, wanting to prove their superiority and humiliate their rival. And they act not only with blades, but actively complement the fight with various strokes and techniques. They are ready for anything to win. P.S. If this fight will tickle fancy our viewers, we intend to expand and develop this direction, adding new participants, rules, costumes, etc.
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Morgana vs Valkyr (Amrita). Female Pro Wrestling Fight (RM115)

(1280x720; Mp4; 903 Mb; 25.26 min.)

    Morgana, who had been absent for a long time, returned to us. And her first rival was Valkyr! The Valkyr looks bigger and more powerful, but Morgana was never a coward! And her rival does not scare. She rushes into battle! And if you think that only Valkyr dominated the match, then you are mistaken. Morgana also did not give her mercy !. Both girls gave their best, applying on each other Body Slam, Spear, Suplex, Punches elbows, knees and feets, Armbar Lock, Leg Spread, BearHug, Atomic Drop, Used the ropes, Axe Handle, Roll Pin, Cross Pin, LotusLock, FourLegLock, Choking, HairMare, Clothesline, Grapevine Pin, Matchbook Pin, Drop Kick, Sunset Flip, Mexican Ceiling, Tarantula Rope Backbreaker, SideWalkSlam, Bronco Buster, Crotch Stomp, Nutshot, Pulp Hande Slam, Hurricanrana, and many other. The result of this confrontation was not clear until the very end!
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DevilGirl vs Lilu. Female Pro Wrestling Fight (RM114)

(1280x720; Mp4; 772 Mb; 21.46 min.)

    And again in the same ring DevilGirl and Lilu. They changed their regular outfits for something more piquant. But their hatred for each other remained the same! And it all splashed out in a battle that took place according to the rules: "3 out of 5 falls". The girls used Clothesline, Punches elbows, knees and feets, Low Blow, Stomach's blows, Body Slam, Spear, Hairpulling, LegHook Pin, Suplex, Leg Drops, Leg Spread, DVD, Horse Rider, HairMare, Octopus, Piledriver, BodySlam, Splash, Elbow Drop,Elbow on crotch, PowerSlam, Choke, BackBracker and many other actions to prove which of them is cooler now!
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Viper vs Gotika. Female Domination Pro-Wrestling Fight (RM113)

(1280x720; Mp4; 817 Mb; 23.00 min.)

    Have you ever seen Gotika being humiliated? If not, you can watch this 2016 fight. Gotika entered on the ring exhausted after many previous matches. And Viper was able to take full advantage of this. She knew, that Gotika has a back injury. And so she attacked her with the help of various backbreakers. The match began with a long body scissors, in which Viper captured Gotika. And then followed Body Slams, Hairpullings, Hipp Attack, Archer, BackBreackers on the knee and on the ropes, Punches elbows, knees and feets and many tons bodyscissors, which made Gotika suffer more and more. At the same time, Viper did not forget to scoff at the suffering Gotika, gradually taking off her clothes.
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