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DevilGirl vs Candy Pro-Wresling Match. Revenge.

(1280х720; Mp4; 651 Mb; 17.25 min)

      Not long ago, these two girls converged on the ring in a very interesting and dramatic match. Then the DevilGirl defeated her rival by locking her in the Octopus. But Candy harbored resentment and hatched plans for revenge. And now this hour has come. They are back in the ring. And they do not stint on holds. Kiks,Headscissors; Knee Panches; BodySlam; Punching; BostonCrab; Figure 4 leglock; Clothesline; CrossBody; FaceBuster; DropKick; Knee to the Belly; Matchbook Pin; DVD; Octopus; Atomic Drop; Japan Twist; Devilish Fetters; PowerSlam; PowetBomb and other. But can Candy avenge the DevilGirl for the past?

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Anarchy vs Lilu Pro-Wrestling Strangle KnockOut Match

(1280х720; Mp4; 838 Mb; 22.23 min)

      Not quite an ordinary match by the rules of "3 out of 5 falls." To win, the girl must strangle her rival, knocking her out to 10 counts. Strangle can only feet. Strangle hands can only be torn off the opponent from the ring. Anarchy (dressed as a white schoolgirl) and Lilu (dressed as a black schoolgirl) volunteered to participate in this match. This is not their first fight, but it did not become less interesting. On the contrary. A lot of postures and movements in which the girls will be in the fight, will please the audience of this fight.

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Tera vs Natali Pro-Wrestling Match

(1280х720; Mp4; 624 Mb; 16.40 min)

      Natali went to fight with Tera, with the hope of an easy victory. But Tera is an experienced fighter and Natalie does not frighten her. In the match according to the rules "2 of 3 falls", both girls used AxeHandle; ElbowDrop; Knee Panches; Bodyslam; Knee to the Belly; Low Blow; Kiks; Jericho Bulldjg; ArmWringer; ArmWringer; Hair Pulling; Matchbook Pin; DVD; BearHug; HeadLock; BackBreaker; Lotus Lock; Hiptoz; Tombstone; Piledriver and much more from their arsenal of techniques.

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DevilGirl vs Lilu Bikini Pro-Wrestling match

(1280х720; Mp4; 986 Mb; 26.16 min)

      Old video, which was shot back in 2014. Bikini-wrestling match between Lilu (Gold) and the DevilGirl (Red). Traditional match by rules "2 of 3 falling" in which both girls are uncompromisingly sought to win, sometimes not hesitating and "dirty tricks". You can also see how they to use Low Blow; Chops; Kiks,Headscissors; Camel Clutch; Suplex; ElbowDrop; Knee Panches; Bodyslam; Punching; BostonCrab; Arrow; Figure 4 leglock; Clothesline; LegDrop; FaceBuster; DropKick; ArmWringer; Splash; ArmbarLock; Slingshot; Groin Buster; Surfboard; Crippler Crossface; Cattle Mutilation; Knee to the Belly and other, trying to tip the odds in his favor.

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Anarchy vs Viper pro-wrestling match (Batgirl vs Supergirl. Down Of Feminism 2. Tombstone's Power) (04.16)

(1280х720; Mp4; 774 Mb; 20.55 min )

      Good girl again went to battle against... good girl. Anarchy in the role of Supergirl and Viper in the role Batgirl again on the one ring, to continue his fight, in wherein in addition to German Suplex; Fisherman's Suplex; Sidewalk Slam, Camel Clutch; Suplex; ElbowDrop; Knee Panches; Bodyslam; Punching; Sidewalk Slam; Low Blow; Single BostonCrab; Arrow; Figure 4 leglock; Clothesline, it was very much Tombstones and Piledrivers and their reverses. It's time to finally see who is more GOOD!)))

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DevilGirl vs Natali pro-wrestling match (02.16)

(1280х720; Mp4; 648 Mb; 17.22 min)

      Interesting pro-wrestling match between the DevilGirl (Red swimsuit) and Natali (Blue swimsuit). In this battle, there were many interesting holds, reverses and positions, in particular: Monkey Flip; Head&Body Scissors; Camel Clutch; Suplex; Figure 4 headlock; ElbowDrop; Knee Panches; Matchbook Pin; ArmWringer; Splash; BodySlams; LegDrop; Single Boston Crab; Kiks; Pedigree and other... The balance is tilting it to one, then the other side, but the winner can only be one!

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Anarchy vs Anasthesia MMA-style fight (12.16)

(1280х720; Mp4; 781 Mb; 20.52 min)

      The fight in underwear, between Anarchy and Anasthesia. Competitive match under MMA rules. Originally scheduled seven rounds of three minutes each. The fight is will be stopped after the surrender of one of the rival or knockout.

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Viper vs Anasthesia pro-wrestling match
(Deers vs Elfs. Holiday's war) (12.16)

(1280х720; Mp4; 723 Mb; 19.19 min)

      Old dispute elfs with deers moved into the fray. They decide to find out who of them is best helps Santa during the holidays. And Deer and Elf used a lot of holds and slams to convince the opponent that was right!

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Anarchy vs Candy pro-wrestling match (03.15)

(1280х720; Mp4; 491 Mb; 13.09 min)

      Inexperienced Candy wrestle in the ring with more experienced Anarchy. Candy begins with a sonorous slap in the face of Anarchy. She will also be able to conduct Low Blow; Chops; Kiks, Headscissors. But the experience takes up. And Anarchy destroys Candy numerous German Suplex; Fisherman's Suplex; Sidewalk Slam, Cradle as well as Bodyslam; Bearhug; Backbridge Pin; Tree of Woe; Cobra Clutch; Piledriver... And many other.

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DevilGirl vs Lilu pro-MMAstyle-wrestling match (09.15)

(1280х720; Mp4; 512 Mb; 13.45 min)

      Not the usual fight for Rumblematreshka. DevilGirl and Lilu met in a Pro wrestling match in which the rules established in the style of MMA. The main task - to knock out the opponent to 10 counts. There will be a lot of punches fists, elbows, knees and feet. And also painful and suffocating holds, Head&bodyscissors, Bodyslam, Armbarlock, Monkeyflip and... blood*.
(*All blood in this video is a fake)

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Gotika vs Elga pro-wrestling match (02.16)

(1280х720; Mp4; 437 Mb; 11.44 min)

      Debutant Elga stepped into the ring, where her was waiting Gotika. A bold step for a beginner! But a bold Elga was not afraid. And even tried to attack and defend! But Gotika quickly turned the ring into a torture chamber for a beginner. LegDrop; Body Slams, Bronco Buster; Head&Body Scissors; Back Breaker; Piledriver; Package Piledriver - this is not a complete list of what made the Gotika at the Elga.

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Anarchy vs Natali pro-wrestling match (02.15)

(1280х720; Mp4; 493 Mb; 13.13 min)

      Natali has recently returned to the ring and was called to fight Anarchy. Anarchy hoped quickly and easily to punish the arrogant girl. She used Bodyslam; SideWalk Slams; Drop Toehold; Tree of Woe; Backbracker and many other. But Natali was a "a hard nut". And she answered Dropkick; Camel Clutch; Headscissors; Hurricanrana; Suplex; Figure 4 headlock; Piledriver; Tombstone and other holds. They have created an interesting and dynamic match.

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Gotika vs Viper pro-wrestling match (04.16)

(1280х720; Mp4; 573 Mb; 15.19 min;)

      Brunette vs blonde! Superheroine against Superheroine! Gotika (Spiderwoman) and Viper (Wonderwoman) came together in an uncompromising battle in the ring. In the Spider's Arsenal was ClotherLine; LowBlow; ElbowDrop; Spear; Bronco Buster; Headscissors; Axe Handle; Octopus; Piledrivers and other. Wonderwoman hits its rival with the help of ElbowDrop; Snap Mare; Spear; Sleeper; Farmer's Roll; Headscissors; Chokeslam; Keister Bounce and other holds. Find out whose superhero ability will be better, you can looking this fight!

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DevilGirl vs Dallas pro-wrestling match (09.15)

(mp4, 1280x720, 17:14 min, 644 Mb)

DevilGirl and Dallas changed their wrestling outfit to the more erotic costumes. But their opposition did not become softer. On the contrary, their hatred for each other has only grown. The girls converged in an interesting and dynamic match by the rules "2 out of 3 falls". Dallas attacked her rival by a Test of Strength; ElbowDrop; Closeine; PowerSlam; Spear; Matchbook Pin, Farmer's Roll; Powerbomb; Tombstone; Piledriver and other. And DevilGirl replied no less effective Bodyslam; Suplex; Tree of Woe; LegDrop; LowBlow; Pedigree and other holds. The age-old confrontation between the blondes and brunettes should only end in victory for one of them.


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DevilGirl vs Candy pro-wrestling match (05.16)

(mp4, 1280x720, 19:01 min, 711 Mb)

DevilGirl (red one piece, barefoot) and Candy (blue one piece, barefoot) again came together in the ring. Candy wishes to prove to everything, that it any more the beginner in wrestling and it will be able to defeat DevilGirl. The match had a few LowBlow, Side Walk Slams, Body Slams, Face Buster, Kiks, Head&Bodyscissors, strangulation on the ropes, fighting outside the ring, many submission and other holds.


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Tera vs Viper pro-wrestling match (04.16)

(mp4, 1280x720, 17:13 min, 642 Mb)

Viper becomes more skilled and aggressive and attacks on other Matreshkas. This time she has decided to overcome Tera. In a match by rules "2 of 3 falling" she has used: BearHug; Camel Clutch; Monkey Flip; Stretch Muffler; HeadScissors; Kicks; Sleeper; BostonCrab; BodySlam; Hiptoz and many other. Tera has answered LowBlow; Face Buster; SideWalkSlam; Jericho Bulldog; Kicks; Hurricanrana and many other. We hope, that the match has turned out interesting.


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Natali+Sesil vs Anarchy+DevilGirl tag-team pro-wrestling match (03.16)

(mp4, 1280x720, 17:58 min, 676 Mb)

Natali and Sesil were united in a command "The Sailor Moon". But whether the "lunar prism" can give them such force what would will cope with competitors - Two serious sports girls in black? It is the first Tag-team match in history of Rumble Matreshka. And in it you will see many double holds (Double Suplex, Bodyslam, Stretching etc.), interventions, dishonest game and unexpected turns of a plot.


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