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Tera vs Sesil. Female Pro-Wrestling Fight (RM096)

(1280x720; Mp4; 752 Mb; 20.49 min.)

      Tera and Sesil unleashed their beastly soul in this match to find out is fiercer. Sesil wears a leopard outfit, and Tera a tigress one. Who scores to 2 pins over her opponent wins the match. In this fight they both took the initiative. Tera attacked with ArmWinger; Armbar; Arrow; Chops; BullDog; Spanish Press; LeghookPin; Roll Up; Octopus. And Sesil answered Splash; Over the Knee Backbreaker; SideWalkSlam; Body Breaker; Ankle Lock; Hiptoss; Alacran; BodySlam; Single Leg Boston; and even managed to make Tombstone/Piledriver. And there was Punches elbows, knees and feet; Head Scissors; Test of Strength; Knee to the Belly and many other. ThereТs only queen, let the one queen rule.

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