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Lilu vs Amrita (ex-Valkyr). Pro-Wrestling Strangle KnockOut Match (RM109)

(1280x720; Mp4; 854Mb; 23.39 min.)

      Our veteran Lilu and the newcomer Amrita (former Valkyr) square up in the ring with the rules being, who scores 2 knockouts leaving her rival laid out on the mat wins. In this back and forth exciting match the girls huff and puff all the time since they go all in choking her opponent with feet, holds and whatever trick they have up the sleeve. Move list: Bearhug, Spear, Headscissors, Used the ropes, Clothesline, Punches elbows, knees and feet strikes, Low Blow, Stomach's blows, Figure Four Head lock, a few Piledrivers and much more. Take a deep breath and enjoy !

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