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Lilu vs Viper. Female Domination Pro-Wrestling Fight (RM106)

(1280x720; Mp4; 767 Mb; 21.15 min.)

      The beginning of the battle did not foreshadow anything bad for Lilu. She immediately went on the attack, but Viper used a "dirty" hold to get the upper hand. Then began a nightmare for Lilu. Viper used on her Atomic Drop, Leg Spread, Spear, Leg Drop, Body Slam, PulpHandle Slam, Camel Clutch on the ropes, Pedigree, Viper Splash, LegHook Pin, Power Slam, Clothesline, Blows to the stomach and many other moves. Viper beat to a pulp Lilu in the corners with her hands, legs and knees, slapped her in the face, stomped, choked and bent through the ropes... Lilu resisted the violent attack with all her strength, but a few Piledrivers and Tombstone forced Lilu to admit defeat. A one-sided, but interesting and dramatic match.

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