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Anarchy vs Valkyr. Female ProWrestling Fight (RM104)

(1280x720; Mp4; 836 Mb; 23.30 min.)

      In this match the debutant Valkyrie faces against Anarchy. Anarchy has been in many fights therefore sheТs more fight experience is strong and technical. But Valkyrie is not intimated by her. Even though she makes up for her lack of experience with strength and power. The result was a dynamic match, where each girl gain momentum on the other respectively. The girls used Suplexes, DVD, Elbow Drops, Boston Crab with using the Ropes, Leg Spread, Headscissors Punches elbows, knees and feet; Figure Four leg lock; Samoa drop, Piledriver, BackBracker, Fisherman Suplex, Blows in the stomach and other holds, trying to grasp victory.

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