Welcome to Rumble Matreshka - a new project of the Professional Wrestling Federation.
We are based in Moscow, Russia but our wrestlers-matreshkas come from different cities and countries. We are going to create a great variety of female wrestling matches such as pro wrestling, real wrestling, mixed wrestling, foam and oil wrestling, fantasy wrestling, etc.
On our website you can buy matches which are already filmed or you can order custom videos according to your requirements. We are specialized in making custom videos, that's why if you want to see a video with your favourite moves, holds and wrestlers just let us know and we will come to an agreement.
Here are no videos for adults on this site. No Topless. All participants over 18 at the time of filming. The video does not advocate violence. The action in the video is sporting competitive wrestling or staged fights of Pro wrestling.
We also travel with our live show of different kinds of female wrestling, we are ready to perform in any city of any country if it's required.
Opinions of our customers are very important for us, if you have any suggestions, wishes, remarks or criticism please email us, we will be grateful to you.
Our email is

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