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13.12.17 Lilu vs Sesil. Female Pro-Wrestling Fight (RM094) ;

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05.12.17 Gotika & Anarchy vs Anasthesia. Pro-Wrestling Domination Match (RM093) ;

21.11.17 Viper vs Princess MarshMallow. Female Pro-Wrestling Match (RM092) ;

11.11.17 DevilGirl vs Candy. Pro-Wrestling Re-Match (RM091) ;

01.11.17 Nikita vs Lilu. Female Foxy Boxing Match (RM090) ;

23.10.17 Viper vs Lilu Female Pro-Wrestling Fight (RM089) ;

04.10.17 DevilGirl vs Candy. Pro-Wrestling Match (RM088) ;

21.09.17 Gotika vs Viper Female Pro-Wrestling Match (RM087) ;

09.09.17 Gotika & Viper vs Anarchy (2 vs 1) Female Pro-Wrestling Match (RM086) ;

29.08.17 Gotika vs DevilGirl Domination Female Pro-Wrestling Match (RM085) ;


Female pro-wrestling

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Female pro-wrestling

Female pro-wrestling

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Female pro-wrestling


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